Saturday 7 March 2009

Tasting Note: Longrow CV

nose: very smoky, peaty, and mealy (like porridge, I suppose). Sweet like treacle toffee. There are tangy or sharp undertones. Over time, a popcorn note emerges.
palate: there is an oily, thick texture, with loads of smoked salt. But there's also a strong fruitiness - melon and banana, plus fudge. It's a full bodied dram for sure.


I like this very much indeed, and it looks like very good value for money too, at about £30. Excellent.

About Longrow

Springbank distillery, one of three in Campbeltown, makes three different malt whiskies, Hazelburn, Springbank, and Longrow. It gives them different names, perhaps to help consumers, perhaps as an aide memoire for the distillers, perhaps to keep alive the memory of long-lost Campeltown distilleries. Longrow is distinguished by its heavy peating level and the fact that it is straightforwardly double distilled. "CV" is generally explained as either "Chairman's Vatting" or "Curriculum Vitae", depending on who you ask.